Webinar at International Parking Institute – “Old World, Old-Fashioned Airport Parking?“

Copyright fotolia, 2018

Big data tools, dynamic pricing and yield management are innovative commercial concepts whose applicability is lively discussed within the parking industry worldwide. While some European airports are highly interested in the commercial uplift potential of new big data tools or pricing methods others struggle with privacy concerns and customers‘ acceptance. The presentation tries to shed light on how these new commercial concepts could be of use for the parking business of US airports.

On May 2, 2018 Dr. Friesen explained to a total of 41 participants in a webinar of the International Parking Institute (IPI) how to gain a clear understanding of big data available in the airport parking industry and how to mine it. He showed how to identify opportunities on how to generate additional revenue out of data analytics and new technologies in airport parking as well as to attain insights in how yield management and dynamic pricing could be leveraged in airport parking.
For a copy of the presentation please click here.