“Let’s play with the prices” – Dr. Friesen on Revenue Management in gastronomy

Mark Friesen (Check-in, Volume 05/2018)

In volume 05/2018 of check-in, the magazine of hotel distribution of the HRS Group, Dr. Friesen explained that gastronomes are able to increase revenue by implementing price and inventory management, so called Revenue Management. In the article titled “Let’s play with the prices”, Dr. Friesen illustrated the use of Revenue Management in gastronomy not only with the goal of revenue increase but also customer satisfaction. Due to intelligent pricing, demand peaks can be allocated more efficiently throughout the day of the week or time of the day. In gastronomy, all requirements are met to successfully implement Revenue Management, in order to be able to offer the right product to the right guest at the right time and at the right price, continues Mark Friesen.

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